Friday, June 6, 2014

My kid

In the back of the car, BG is sobbing and wailing, "but I don't want peanut butter and jelly!  I won't eat anything! No one will eat anything!"

We pushed back lunch and quiet time, so I'm pretty sure the meltdown is only nominally about the menu.

I breathe out my exasperation and rising rage.

"You're having a hard time, huh, sweetie?"

She immediately quiets. "Being a kid is hard."

I barely suppress a giggle and affect my most sympathetic voice. "I hear you.  Being a kid IS hard."

"Being a baby is hard. Being a grown up is hard."

Now I'm grinning. "You are so right, kiddo."

She continues. "Being a dinosaur is hard.  Being a robot is hard."

And that about says it all, folks.


  1. She is so fantastic! I love her perspective.

  2. She knows it. You're so good. Deep breaths are very good.

  3. I'm just reading this today and giggling with you. Sometimes being anything or anyone just IS hard. xo

  4. I am suitably impressed with how you turned it around for her. I personally still try to reason them out of their attitudes...I haven't learned in almost 8 years of parenting.