Thursday, June 2, 2011

12 cures for the pouty pouts

Some days I just feel pouty. This is not the same as feeling sad. It's not a deep, overwhelming grief. It's just that "I feel cranky and it's so ridiculous that even I'm sick of myself" kind of feeling. I'm pretty sure every human feels this way some time, so I put together a quick list of remedies that work for me, just in case I forget later.

1. Twitter and the #ppdchat mamas
2. Cranking up the music (I'm partial to TMBG. What? I like to learn.)
3. Dancing with my baby
4. Email or text from my best friend
5. Sitting in the sunlight (Yes, that's me sitting on my driveway with the baby on my hip.)
6. A fresh peach from the farmers market
7. Cats and kittens
8. Getting the heck out of my house (library? park? Target? WHO CARES?)
9. Doing something nice for someone else
10. Chocolate (Always chocolate)
11. Listening to podcasts/audiobooks (that have NOTHING TO DO WITH BABIES)
12. Blog comments :)

Anyone have any suggestions to add?


  1. Good list there!! :) I'm partial to blog commenting, cranking up the music and getting out of the house. I hate when I get to the point of not being able to stand myself!LOL Glad to know it's not only me that gets there. ;)

  2. Yes, yes yes to 1, 5, 8, 10, & 12. For me, I love reading, knitting and baking. Not that I have a whole lot of time for those things, but still!

  3. Yes! When she was smaller, I made a point to always read a book when I was breastfeeding (which was always, lol). And before Christmas, I said "sorry, baby girl, gotta bake," and pulled her swing in the kitchen and started rolling out cookies. She stared at me quietly the whole time. So who knows? Maybe Donut will enjoy it too :)

  4. All of those things are great! For me, a bubble bath with a novel is at the top of my list. But if I can't hop in the tub, going outside usually does the trick (if the weather cooperates). It's impossible to be sad if you're sitting on a swing. Try it!