Wednesday, December 26, 2012

On good babies

So, umm, in case I didn't mention it?  I had a baby last week.

I can't begin to explain all the ways this time is different.  But the most noticeable way is how different my baby is.

Little sister is calm.  And quiet. (Who knew they made them quiet?)  She doesn't care who's holding her, doesn't mind being put down.  At night, she sleeps in her bassinet and only wakes up to eat.  She only cries when she's hungry, and when she is awake and not nursing, she is calm and alert - although to me her expression always says "what's with you crazy people?"  Which?  Fair enough.

She is pleasant and agreeable, and in every way an easy baby.

But please don't call her a good baby, or I'll want to scream.

Because as much as I'm enjoying the quiet, as much of a relief it is not to be pacing the floor all night with an(other) inconsolable child, as great as she is to be around, when you call her a good baby, all I hear is that BG wasn't.

And that's so not fair.

Never once, whatever we went through together, did I think my sweet eldest girl was a bad baby.

And I worry too about my little one, being in the shadow of her charming, demanding, endearing, crazy-making big sister.  Is it really in her best interest to be so calm?  On Christmas Eve I forgot where she was, while I was nursing her.

The truth is I am absolutely crazy about both of my girls, and all  I want is for them both to be happy and loved.  And if it is possible to have a "good" baby, well then I have two.


  1. Both my babies are good babies. You're right! No such thing as bad babies. Just different sorts of babies. Like my daughter was (key word, WAS) chill, and my son? Needy, whiny, clingy. Lol. But I love em both :)

  2. Huge hugs, sweetie. They are both good babies and darling girls. It is amazing to me how very similiar and how very different my two girls are from each other. It is amazing to watch them interact with each other. Your easy going baby will find her voice and her place in the family, trust me. Mine did.

  3. YES! C and T are so incredibly different. 19 months later, I am still shocked sometimes.

    And as for or getting the baby? Remember that east coast earthquake? C was napping in her room. I grabbed the 3 yr old, yelled for the dog and tried to figure out safety. No thought for the baby who was happily asleep and never noticed.

    Watch out for the quiet, serious ones. C is the one I find dancing on tables, sitting on the back of the toilet, and standing on rolling toys to reach above her head.

  4. Yes yes yes. And hugs for all of it. and all of you.

  5. You mean, calm babies exist?! I hope Baby Deuce is one of those! :)

    My #1 sounds very similar to your #1. :) And I'm sure I'll feel the same way.

    So glad that things are going well. xo

  6. Ditto, as you know. Ethan is so much more calm than Connor ever was. And I'm so grateful for it.

    My aunt asked if he was a "good" baby and I so badly wanted to tell her that all babies are good babies.