Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doing it right: Love and patience and grace


 My sweet big girl has been sick this weekend.  After two years, it was about time we broke our no fever streak, I suppose.  I spent most of yesterday just trying to survive with my sweet two year old and my sweet 7 week old both competing for all of my love, attention and physical contact.

And I did.  I did survive.

And it didn't look pretty.  It involved pajamas and lots of TV and a messy house.  But it also involved lots of cuddling and forgiveness and oodles of love.

Here's what else I did right this week:

1.  On Friday, before the sickies hit, BG and I baked cookies.  I caught myself getting impatient and perfectionist, and made a good effort to just breathe as she helpfully threw handfuls of dough on the cookie sheet and floor.

2.  I made Ah-maaaah-zing short ribs for dinner last night.  Mmmmmmmm.

3.  I cheerfully played with blocks while nursing the baby this morning.

4.  I read all the blogs in my reader.


  1. You played blocks?! Wow, that is way more than i can do. Playing with them is so hard for me. I love doing crafts and we are starting to introduce them to board games, but just playing with them, so hard.

    And survive is all you can do when they are sick. Mine are all older than yours and the survival mode is where we live. I am holding my breath that MAYBE today we are exiting that chapter. Both girls are at school and no one woke me up last night, so I have hope...

  2. I love that you did all those things! Especially catching up on blog reading. That's something I long to do soon. I'm stomping my feet like a petulant toddler because it's been 2 weeks since I even looked at my Google Reader. I'm scared to see how many posts I've missed. Easily 300, I bet.

    I hope BG is feeling better now. How were the cookies, anyway? Mmmm, cookies...

  3. You are doing such a wonderful job, giving yourself grace. Cookies and short ribs sound amazing. I think I've decided on my Mardi Gras meal if only I can convince my husband. :)

  4. YAY! That sounds like a wonderful bunch of things. Cuddling and forgiveness is a great thing.

  5. Yay! You're doing great. I have to let go of the whole perfectionist thing with D too and just let her be creative and "helpful."