Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time out

During our seven hour drive home on Sunday, I threw an epic tantrum.

 I mean, I have an 18 month old, so I throw the term epic tantrum around a lot. But Baby Girl's got nothing on mama.

 I had been sitting in the back of the car with her for the past two hours of the trip attempting to entertain her. In return, she had whined, whimpered, and thrown her shoes at me.

 Finally, she looked like she might be ready to go to sleep. We were just about coming up on a rest stop so DH pulled in, so that I could get out and come sit in the front. Like a grown up.

 I had just gotten into the front seat of the car when DH said, "She's playing with her sock back there. She seems to have a string. You should probably take them off of her so she doesn't pull them apart." And, grown up that I am, I stomped to the back of the car, ripped the socks off her feet, and slammed the door. And she started to cry.

 DH looked at me. "Wow. You didn't handle that very well. I'm not sure I want to be around you right now." (Remember, people, he'd been driving for 5 hours by then with the same whiny toddler I'd been with. If these seems harsh, cut him a little slack. And read on.)

 "Yeah?!? Well I don't want to be around you! Or her!" "Umm, well then...?" And at that I got out of the car, stormed into the rest stop, and sat down at a table. And was immediately embarrassed.

  So, umm, what do I now? Do I just ... sit here? Are people going to wonder why I'm sitting here and not getting any food?

I sat there for about 5 minutes anyway, tears starting to well up in my eyes, then slowly trudged back to the car, sure that there would be a grumpy and nasty response waiting for me there.

 DH was sitting in the back with BG, and they were both laughing. "Mamamamamama!" she proclaimed. 

"Yes!" said DH, "Now say it all together. I .... love .... mama."

 "Eye," she pronounced wisely, pointing at her own.

 I turned around in my seat and tears were running down my face as I kissed her, "Thank you baby." 

DH got back in the front seat. "Are you done your time out, mommy?" he said, grinning at me. "Yeah. I am." And I kissed him. And rode the rest of the way home in the car like a grown up.


  1. Huge hugs. Sometimes all we need is a mama timeout. I have so been there my friend.

  2. Squishy hugs! Just do you know, I have put myself on time out on more than one occassion . . . you are not alone in the throwing of the epic temper tantrum.

    I might make a suggestion to your husband that it is probably best NOT to say anything in those situations unless he wants the tantrum to turn on him! ;)

  3. Everybody needs a time out sometimes! Great story telling in this post.

  4. This made me cry. Moms need a break too, but DH teaching BG to say I love you? Makes me all weepy and happy.

  5. Oh sweets..we all have these moments. We really do. Have I told you about the tantrum where i kicked my foot through a wicker chair?
    Time outs and tantrums are allowed friend. You're babes love you no matter what.

  6. Been there too. It can definitely be embarassing but I think we have all done it! We definitely need a time out here & there & how adorable saying they love you when you came back!