Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well played, sleep

Can someone tell me what on EARTH provoked me to describe my sweet youngest child as a "good sleeper"?

C'mon, mama.  You should know better by now.

The first couple weeks of my baby's life were a sleepless haze, where I was a little teary and occasionally forgot where my child was while I was holding her, but somehow I was okay with that.

Then she started to sleep.  At night.  For long stretches of time.  Not on top of me.

I didn't even know who I was anymore.

Sleeping?  I was gracious.  Hopeful.  Funny.  Growing.  I thought, hey, maybe sleep really is the key to everything.  Good job, baby.  Good job, mama.

Then she hit her three month growth spurt and started walking up for long stretches in the middle of the night.  Oh, I thought.   This is when it all falls apart.  I remember now.

And I struggled, and drank a lot of caffeine, and was completely un-gracious, and 5 days later it was over.

Well, maybe she woke up once a night.  But she's a baby, after all.

Guys?  There's no 3.5 month growth spurt.  And this week has been hellish.  She wakes up 4 times a night, I fall asleep feeding her, wake up and put her down, and she wakes up as soon as I put her down.

Right now I am crying a little into my second cup of coffee, while my baby fusses on her playmat and my big girl, instead of napping, stands at her door screaming "I NEED MY MOOOOMMMMMMMMY."

You're a jerk, sleep.  The only thing worse than making me a maniac is making me a rockstar and then taking it away.

Sigh.  Off to rescue my screaming children.  


  1. OMG, huge hugs hun!! I wish I could help you because I remember how badly this sucks. Sleep was such a challenge for both of my kids and it pushed me to my limits. You are not alone and it will pass.

  2. It sucks, doesn't it. SUCKS. There's nothing like it, and nothing harder, I'd say, about being a mom. It just makes everything harder.

    Hoping for sleep for both of us, and soon!

  3. Sleep really does make all the difference & I find myself frustrated on the nights where mine is interrupted. Here's hoping that little sister will get back to sleeping well!

  4. Gah...sleep. Such an elusive jerk when you turn into a mom. I hope that you get some sleep soon. Hugs.