Monday, July 11, 2011

Life Lessons: The completely unorganized edition

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  1. I am completely scatter brained.

  2. Take my blog reading system, for example.

  3. It isn't one.

  4. I will sit down at my computer and say, "Oh, who should I be reading today? Robin? Miranda? Diana?" and type in their URL.

  5. But sometimes I'll forget someone.

  6. And I'm afraid I come across as a mean, selfish blogger instead of clueless, like I am.

  7. If I do that? Yell at me please. I want to be reading you, really.

  8. Also? My house? A disaster.

  9. I don't remember the last time I mopped the floors.

  10. Which doesn't mean it was a long time ago. Just that I don't remember.

  11. I checked a book out from the library last month because I thought it would be something I'd like.

  12. It was. Which was why I'd read it before.

  13. I could really use a new book, though, if anyone has any suggestions.

  14. Something with a happy ending would be good. And preferably a happy beginning and middle too.

  15. But what was I talking about?


  1. You're funny! My system is pretty archaic-I have my blogs bookmarked and I click on each bookmark. I haven't gotten my reader up and ready yet. One of these days...

    My house is probably a disaster too. I told DH he better have cleaned by the time I get home. Oh, and I highly recommend a steam mop--much better than a mop and bucket.

  2. Hahahaha.... I have actually bought the same book. Three different times, with three different books. Because I'm that awesome :-)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  3. google reader, my friend. for serious. and for happy endings, I'm not ashamed to admit that I do employ healthy use of Nora Roberts for easy, light, HAPPY ENDING books. Also, have you read Sara Dessen at all? I have enjoyed hers. They often include some drama but seem to get to a happy ending. (I... haven't been reading a lot of happy ending books lately. All of that dystopian teen fiction just doesn't fit your criteria lol.)

  4. Yes, yes, I KNOW that Google Reader is correct. But do I use it? No. Because I forget to add things to it, or add things and then say, "Wait, why did I add that?"

  5. I just recently started reading blogs via Google Reader and it has made it so much easier. So much. The problem? My tendency to comment is WAAAAAY down. Which kind of sucks. Because I wasn't that good at commenting before. I am apparently a wallflower in life and on blogs as well. ;)

    And if I can add blogs to my reader even when GFC hasn't worked for me in over two months, you can too, my friend. I promise.

    As for good reads? I know a lot. But nothing with a real happy ending...or middle...or beginning. I lean more towards James Patterson & Jeffery Deaver...and my book club reads.