Friday, July 1, 2011

Life Lessons: From my sleepy brain

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So, partly because I adore Rach from Life with Baby Donut and partly because it seems like fun, I decided to try out the Life Lessons link up this week. Welcome to my brain.

1. I like chocolate. A lot.

2. Especially when the baby isn't sleeping.

3. You know what else is good for that? Twitter.

4. Also coffee.

5. For the first six months of Baby Girl's life, I thought caffeine was off limits during breastfeeding.

6. Those months are a little fuzzy.

7. Do you know what else is off limits? Wine. I haven't had any since before I got pregnant.

8. I lied. I had half a glass on my thirtieth birthday because my mother in law bought it for me.

9. People? I turned thirty this year. And celebrated with half a glass of wine with my mother in law.

10. That's sad.

11. I mean,it's not my-baby-hasn't-slept-in-a-week sad.

12. Just makes me feel kinda pathetic.

13. Do you know what's good for that?

14. Chocolate.


  1. I feel like chocolate is pretty much a cure all!! Wine is too, but it's hard to say that without people directing you to a local church basement for a meeting :-)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Oh I LOVE chocolate too! Saying Hi from Life's Lessons.

  3. Chocolate is great for lifting the mood, isn't it? It's not sad that you celebrated your bday with your MIL. At least I hope she's a nice person!

    I'm so glad you linked up. This is a great list!!

  4. oh I never gave up caffeine - pregnant or bfeeding. It would have been scary if I had!

  5. Chocolate is the answer for everything!

    Visiting from Life's Lessons.

  6. what a sweet blog! Totally loving it over here! It's 4:30 in the morning or I'd stay longer, you've got me hooked :) The humbling one had me nodding my head along with you -- how true!! And when you have more kids? Oh lord. Go easy on yourself. My advice? (b/c you so want it!) Don't sleep train, just relax and encourage. Sign when you can -- it's SO amazing & it truly cuts down on tantrums (all 3 of mine signed, but my 1st signed so much people thought she was deaf!). You can clean when she's in school. She sounds adorable. And tell your husband blogging isn't silly :) It's a creative outlet that stretches your mind, keeps you sane, connects you to other writers and keeps you current with the events of the world. And it just might bring you a some money!

  7. Chocolate, Twitter and Coffee are all things I probably wouldn't be able to give up right now.

  8. Chocolate rocks and listen, 30 is nothing. I turned 40 a year ago. Worse. Coffee rules!

    Visiting via Rach's link-up and following u via Google Friend Connect:)

  9. Cute! You did a great job with this! I'm with Bruna on that one - 40s... WAY harder. Now... chocolate AND wine... what beats that?

    Visiting from Life's Lesson's at Life with Baby Donut (I'm already a follower and fan!) :-)