Monday, December 12, 2011

Life's lessons: Things that make me itchy

I try to be positive, but this week I decided I'm just going to take a minute to growl at all the things that make me mildly (or less mildly) crazy. Please feel free to growl with me.

  1. Lists and plans
  2. Schedules and routines
  3. Being late (and I always am now)
  4. Deadlines (see above)
  5. Commitments I can't follow through on
  6. Drudgery (oh, hello laundry)
  7. People who use "ironically" incorrectly (wait, how did that one slip in there?)
  8. People who take my baby at family functions
  9. Crowds of people I don't know
  10. Waiting in lines
  11. Okay, waiting for anything
  12. Plan cancelers (See 1 and 5 above)
  13. Not being good at things (and sometimes it feels like that's everything)

But despite all that? I'm still okay. I'm winning at this life thing lately. And you will be too. I promise.


  1. I hate lists too!! I try and try to make them but they don't help me. And I'm always late--even before having a baby.

  2. Woohoo . . . I have to admit to having a wee bit of a girl crush on this growly you! I am so happy to read that you are winning at this life thing lately . . . as long as you don't use that Charlie Sheen definition of winning because I strongly suspect that his was rather ironic! ;)

  3. What Jenn said. Because it is even funnier once someone loses the eye.