Friday, December 16, 2011

Life's lessons: What she can do

  1. A one year old can't play Wii games (we've tried).
  2. She can't fold a fitted bed sheet even though she seems to want to.
  3. She can't say the final consonants of things, but mommy understands when she wants her "du" or her "do," to be held by "da" or to take off her "saaaaa."
  4. She doesn't say "mommy" because really she doesn't need to.
  5. But she can pull anything off any surface in the house, no matter how much you think it's protected.
  6. She can sign "more," "all done," and "baby." She can sign other things too, but mostly she just wants to sign "baby."
  7. She can dance if she wants to. She can leave her friends behind. Wait, I got a little off track there.
  8. She can hand something to me or daddy if we ask for it. And if she feels like it.
  9. She can hand me the dishes out of the dishwasher. (Sa-weeeeeeet. I win at parenting.)
  10. And she can run across the room at me full speed with her arms wide open, laughing hysterically as she throws herself into my arms.
  11. This mom thing? Is a pretty good gig.


  1. Love #10! That must make your day.

  2. #10 says it all! And I totally laughed at #7.

  3. Awww, it really is a pretty good gig!

  4. What a fabulous side of you :)

    I can't fold a fitted sheet either, even though I want to.

  5. Number 9 reminds me of an incident that occured not too long ago...
    My girlfriend came barging in my door early in the morning with her son's hand wrapped in a towel. She let him help unload the dishwasher and he grabbed a steak knife and thought it would be fun to run around the kitchen with it...
    yea, I'm the barer of good news aren't I.
    don't worry, I saved the finger.
    Signed "It's always good to know a pediatric ER nurse"

  6. @Kim - Oh goodness. Yes. The first thing I do is take the silverware drawer out before I put her down on the floor. I'm sure there are other dangers that I haven't thought of, and your poor friend, but fortunately I did think of that one. And my mom was a med-surg nurse for 20 years (now a l&D nurse), so I'm used to hearing horror stories. Sigh. Thanks for the warning, though, truly.