Friday, March 9, 2012

Life's lessons: Being 18 months old

  1. Being 18 months old is hard.
  2. Even if you know sign language? You suddenly realize how many things are that you want to say but can't.
  3. And then you say things like "A bababa da da squa squa daaaaat."
  4. And throw a temper tantrum when your mom doesn't give you what you want.
  5. While mom cries in a corner or says "JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT."
  6. Even though, duh, mom. You're trying.
  7. I know.
  8. And when you're 18 months old, it's also hard to wait for things.
  9. And hard to reason out why on earth mom would think you would want to start nursing less.
  10. Or, you know, sleep through the night.
  11. Or stay inside when it's raining out.
  12. I know.
  13. It's hard to be 18 months old.
  14. You only have to do it for one month, though, kiddo, so hang on.
  15. But it's hard to wait.
  16. I know.


  1. OMG, can I tell you the number of times I have told my son that our lives would be much easier if only he would learn to speak english . . . yeah more than I should probably admit to. Sigh.

  2. We had the exact same conversation with Skeeter last night. Just tell me what you want. That was our dinner. She screamed, and I begged her to tell me. Finally we realized that she was done with dinner.

  3. Awwwww! I feel the same way sometimes--so hard that someone does everything for you and you're still not happy! But yeah, it's hard when they're trying so hard to communicate and we just don't get it. And vice versa.

  4. That transition from "almost talking" to actually talking was so frustrating. I remember Chunky stomping his foot and rolling his eyes at me at times...yea, he's still living...
    Now he's into telling how the "wind" knocked over my the house...yea...every stage has its perks.

  5. Big hugs to you both. Having a hard time communicating (At any age) makes life tough. Thinking of you!