Friday, July 12, 2013

7 months old

This post was going to be titled 6 months old.  But then I procrastinated writing it for, umm, about 4 weeks.

My baby will be 7 months old on Monday.  I'm not sure how that happened.

She army crawls and almost-really-crawls around the room like it's nothing.  I put her down in the living room and go to clean the kitchen and suddenly she's there on they vinyl floor looking up at me like "oh hey, mom, you're here too?"

She seems intent on figuring out how everything works.  She picks up all of BG's toys and examines them.  She knows how to make the princess castle play music.  DH saw her flip over a book to look at the front cover and almost had a heart attack.

She has started babbling instead of just crying.  Which is both adorable and hilarious, particularly when her tone is complaining.  The only time in her life when her whining will actually make me smile.

She "smile talks" and she reaches out and grabs for  whichever of us she wants most.  Which is usually her sister.

She adores BG, who likes to get directly in her face and tickle her tummy.  Little sister will giggle hysterically and BG will look at me and say "The baby thinks I'm funny!"

She kind of sleeps.  She can sleep for long stretches, but when she wakes up, she doesn't want to go back to bed.  She just wants mommy and to play.

I could never have imagined this sweet, happy little girl into existence.  Sometimes I look at her and am so overcome with happiness and gratitude that I can't imagine why "they" are letting me keep her.

7 months.  How did we ever live without her?

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