Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My (not so) baby girl

Let me tell you about my big girl.

Lately I've been a little stressed, maybe more than I should be given the circumstances, but I've been on a shorter fuse than normal and so I've been snapping and yelling.  Sometimes because I'm genuinely concerned about how what BG is doing relates to the safety of herself and others, sometimes because I've told her the same thing 7 million times, and sometimes just because I can't deal with whatever she's asking for or doing at that exact moment.  It's not great, but I'm human.

But every single time I yell, do you know what my two year old does?

She drops her voice to a whisper.  Puts her hand on me.  And says "Mommy, stop yelling.  I need you to calm yourself down." Or "It's okay, mommy.  What are you worried about?"


Which isn't to say that she doesn't sometimes scream in my face or throw herself on the ground sobbing over being told no, or occasionally throw things across the room.

What can I say, she's mine.

Lately when we tell her she can't have something (like TV), she says "But I have to!  It makes me happy and it's good for my body."

When we tell her anything else she doesn't want to hear (like that we'll do something later or we're all out of something she wants) she says "Don't say that to me, I'm a child!"

At which point I am at a complete loss for words and if my husband is around we have to avoid eye contact so we don't burst out laughing.

She can't stand when the baby cries.  Usually she starts by trying to tickle her or talk to her.  Yesterday I heard her say "There's no reason to cry, Baby Sister, mommy is right here."  But if none of that works, she starts screaming "NO BABY! STOP CRYING! STOP CRYING!"


She likes to ask DH about his day, and then repeat things back as if she understands.  "Oh!! A presentation?  What's in your presentation?"

She makes me absolutely insane on an almost daily basis.  Everything she does is BIG and dramatic.  If she can't have something she wants, it's the END OF THE WORLD.  If I washed her favorite pajamas it's the BEST DAY EVER.

She wants to be just like me.  Even though I'm pretty sure I'd rather be just like her.


  1. Can she visit me? She sounds so much like my Skeeter. I'm told that when I yell, it "hurts my ears". These little girls teach me so much about myself. I am a better person because of them.

  2. That is the cutest thing I've read in a long time. I needed this! Not having my own kids yet often leaves me forgetting how one minute, they drive you absolutely insane; and the next, you just want to give them a million hugs. I've taken care of children many years now, but it's been several years since I've cared for little ones under the age of 10. I miss those moments. Just be sure to treasure the ones that don't drive you crazy=)