Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From your crazy internet aunt

Dear sweet G and KC,

Let me tell you about your mom.

She's the kind of lady who always asks about your day first, even when she's having the worst day of her life.  And not because she is a martyr, but because she really cares.

She will go out of her way to help if she can see any way to.  She will stay up all night to make someone flowers or cupcakes.  She shows up to help people move.

Being your mom's friend is kind of the best gig ever.

Except maybe the one you have.

Because the only thing in the world your mom loves more than her friends is you and your brother.

Oh and your dad.  But we can talk about how lucky they are too have each other another time.

Your mom, she was born to be a mom.  The love in her heart is probably the most powerful force in the universe.  And even though right now she's scared, there is nothing that makes her more complete than knowing you are all her family.

So do me a favor and look out for her.  Remind her that she's doing just fine, that she's exactly what you need.

We'll be here if you need us.  We love you all so much.

Your crazy internet aunt,



  1. Dammit. Making me cry.

  2. Son of a...
    Love. Love.
    And the tissues are in the bathroom and I'm all the way over here on the couch.
    *looks at sleeve
    I wish that I knew this when I was small. I totally get it now.