Wednesday, November 5, 2014

All the feelings

This morning, as I was getting my littlest dressed, BG picked up her pants. Little sister got a look of outrage on her face.  "MY PANTS.  Put it down!" I did a double take.  When did she get this big? When did she get so articulate?

Last night, BG read a book to her grandmother on Skype.  A level B early reader.  That she had never laid eyes on before.

Today at swimming class, Little blew bubbles.  She spit out water.  She dove on her own.
Big stood on the side of the pool cheering us on, uncomplaining.  She helped the teacher clean up the toys on the side of the pool.

My girls, they are so amazing.  I am so proud.

And I can go from proud and in awe to exasperated to worried in under five seconds.

When I ask BG to do something, she runs in the opposite direction.  If I yell, she laughs too.  If I don't, it's as if I didn't say anything at all.

When I ask LS to do something, she looks me straight in the eye, makes sure I know she understands, and then does something completely different.

Today at school, BG had a meltdown because a teacher corrected her.  A few nights ago at a Halloween party, she told me she had "feelings [she] didn't know what to do with."


What am I going to do with them?  How am I going to survive all these feelings all the time?


  1. I have a hard time dealing with my little kids big feelings because I'm not always quite sure what to do with my big feelings. We're learning together :)

  2. Oh man, these children. Mine are 14 and 3, and it's still pretty much the same as you describe here. Those big feelings and big developmental milestones that lead to Even Bigger Feelings (for everybody) sure do make certain our lives are filled with havoc.

  3. Huge hugs. The ability to deal with those big feelings is still a struggle for me as their mom. It's only natural that the girls struggle with their big feelings. Yet they are growing and developing so quickly.