Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It may not sing, but it is delicious

So I made a comment on twitter today that I wanted to make mac and cheese, and suddenly I had an angry mob adoring fan club egging me on to make it and to blog the whole thing. So here is my contribution to the ensuing #macandcheesewar. FYI, I do NOT have a future in food blogging.

I started with this:

Please pay no attention to my messy kitchen.

Hey, I said not to look!

Put on water to boil. You should use a lid. It just doesn't photograph as well that way.

Add macaroni to water. I forgot to photograph this because I was, uh, tweeting. Drain the macaroni. (Umm, no. There can't be dirty utensils in my sink, can there?)

At this point, you may have to take a break to rescue your child from her crib prison. It's okay. I'll wait.

Okay, back? In the same pot (because you don't want to wash another pot, do you? What are you, crazy?) melt some butter. That's my incredibly scientific explanation. This happens to be how much butter I had thawed.

Mix a few spoons of flour into the melted butter until it looks kinda like this (except without the macaroni in the pot. You should probably have made sure you got all that out.)

Then add milk. You know, some milk. Umm, just kinda pour it. Stir it until it thickens. (I meant to take a picture of this, but Baby Girl had my camera. And I wanted to take a picture of *that*, but, y'know.)

Turn off the stove (and remove from heat if you have an electric stove, but I'm cooking with gas). Add a bag of shredded cheese (yes, you can shred it by hand, and yes that is a little cheaper and tastes a little better, but what am I, a machine?) and stir it until it melts.

Pour the drained macaroni into a Pyrex pan. Mix in the cheese sauce. Top with breadcrumbs (oh, they weren't in my picture!) and reserved cheese (crap! Did I forget to tell you to save some cheese?).

If you are making ahead, set it down and go play peekaboo. Otherwise, throw it in the oven and turn it on to 350 degrees. Bake it for . . . I don't know, a while. Until it looks melty and delicious.

(Sorry, no, there is no final picture. I'm too busy eating).


  1. Looks delicious!!! I tried to make my own mac and cheese a couple weeks ago and it didn't turn out so fabulous. Also, next time, I would like to see more of your messy kitchen so I don't feel so bad about mine. :)

  2. Good job, mama. The angry mob of adoring fans is happy :) My recipe is very similar!

    (I also add hotdogs.) hehe

  3. Well, you know about my mac and cheese roux story from last week. I'm still traumatized. I'll just come to your house.

  4. Yum! There is nothing better than homemade mac n cheese. One of my all time favorite comfort foods.

  5. Hehehe @signingcharity sent me over here. The Mac and cheese looks relish, and THANK YOU for not making that weird orange stuff and calling it Mac and cheese.

  6. Damn you autocorrect! It looks delish not relish. :-/