Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doing it Right: Digging Deep and other wins

1. This week, I came upon this thought from Gretchen of the Happiness Project, suggesting that we dig deep.  I've really made an effort to live this.  Last night, my toddler was sitting on my lap asking to watch Wheel of Fortune for half an hour before it was on.  Every time she put her face 2 cm in front of mine and said "Mommy Wheel!" I would just take a deep breath and say "Yes, honey, but it's not on yet.  We have to wait."  To which she would reply, "Wait, Wheel" -- then pause for 30 seconds and we'd start over.  I will now accept my trophy.

2.I let my husband sleep late this weekend without grumping or grouching at him at all.

3. I shaved my legs on Sunday night.  In January, people.

4. I have been making an effort to keep my kitchen counters clear, including putting away my clean dishes instead of leaving them in my dish rack every day.  I haven't been perfect but I've been doing pretty darn good.

5. I've been reading and writing most days this week.

6. I'm okay with not being perfect at any of  these resolutions.
So, what have you been doing right this week?

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  1. Wow, number 2 is super impressive. Perhaps you will enter my mind this coming weekend when, as usual, my husband sleeps in and I curse him out under my breath all day as a result. Every weekend, I struggle to curb my resentment!

    Thanks for linking up again! I really appreciate it!

  2. I love number 3. I shaved my legs today, so I am counting that as a win.