Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doing it Right: Friendships

The sweet Jaime from James and Jax is taking a much deserved sick day from hosting this blog hop this week, but I'm going to write one anyway.

This week, I've been reminded that I'm a really good friend.  Wow, it's hard to say that and take credit for it.  But truly I am grateful for the gift of being a good listener, and I am proud to be this person.  Even when my friendships don't look like other people's, they are true and good and meaningful, and I am proud to be at the center of an amazing web of people.

I've been brave.  I stepped up and took another tutoring student even though it scares the crap out  of me.

I baked brownies.  And muffins.

I love my kids so much and I have really been making an effort to soften into joy and experience the moments without focusing on the scary parts.

So that's what I've been doing right.

And because I know she doesn't have the wherewithal to write it right now?  Here's a little of what Jaime's doing right:

She's taking care of herself.
She's trusting her gut.
She's loving on her son.
She's reaching out for help when she needs it.
She's supporting her friends.
She's inspiring me (why the heck else would I be writing this post??)


  1. You are an amazing friend. Your ability to provide counsel is what I treasure most about you. I am so proud to know both you and Jaime.