Friday, March 8, 2013

On A'Driane and marriage

Dear A'Driane,

I wanted to give you some advice on marriage today as part of your wedding week celebration, but the truth is, you already know everything I could possibly tell you about how to live a life filled with love and joy.

Be you.
Show love.
Ask for help.
Be grateful.

All of these things are ingredients for a great marriage, but they are also things I've seen you do, my dear, nearly every day since I "met" you almost two years ago.  So instead of advice, here are my wishes for you.

May your wedding day be filled with as much color, life, and celebration as you are.

May your marriage bring you as much love and joy as you bring the world.

May you laugh and dance every day of your lives together.

Congratulations, sweet lady.


  1. Your list is perfect. What we all strive for in our relationships. Thank you for being a part of the celebration. It wouldn't have been complete without your words.

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