Friday, October 7, 2011

Life's Lessons: International Traveling Edition

Life With Baby Donut

It's time for my favorite linkup of the week, with one of my dearest online friends, Donutsmama of Life with Baby Donut. As you all know, I was away last week, and I couldn't help but learn a few things, so without further ado.

  1. I am not the greatest traveler in the world.
  2. I tend to have a little bit of anxiety about being in the car. Okay, maybe a lot.
  3. I also need more confidence. It took me until the end of the week there before I got up the nerve to walk out the door of my hotel by myself and actually do anything.
  4. And I need to sometimes think a little more about what I want instead of waiting around for other people to tell me.
  5. The last day there, I got mad at myself for not enjoying my trip more and seeing the city.
  6. And then I realized I was still there. And I went out. And I enjoyed it.
  7. I dwell a little too much on the past, on what I've done wrong, on my mistakes.
  8. But I'm still here.
  9. And there's so much to enjoy, to appreciate.
  10. I just need to put one foot in front of the other and step out my front door.


  1. I'm glad you are recognizing theses things about you and are wanting to do better. I love to travel, but I admit I've lost a bit of my mojo b/c I'm nervous about traveling with a baby too.

  2. I have a feeling your next trip, no matter what it is will ROCK!!! I swear the kids adapt easier then we do! We just have to get out there and do it (with wine). You are doing great sweets!

  3. I battle with the same thing, beating myself up over what I've done or didn't do. It's something I need to learn how to deal with too.