Friday, October 14, 2011

Life's Lessons: Lunch date

Life With Baby Donut

  1. So remember that lunch date DH took me and Baby Girl on when she was 8 months old?
  2. Well, he took me back to that restaurant for lunch again.
  3. And today? It was much less eventful. Thankfully.
  4. Well, except when the old lady BG was staring at said hi, and BG decided to scream.
  5. Or when I tried to give her a taste of my pasta, and she grabbed it off the spoon, lemon butter sauce and all.
  6. Or when she let me know she was done with her bread by throwing it across the restaurant.
  7. But somehow? None of that really bothered me so much. I was eating great food and laughing with my two favorite cuties.
  8. Today was a reminder of how much things have changed in the past 5 months.
  9. And how much things haven't.
  10. I guess my point is, if there's a lesson to be learned from today? I haven't learned it yet.
  11. So I guess DH is just going to have to keep taking me out to nice restaurants for lunch until I do.
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  1. You are totally brave my dear! The only restaurant I take my kidlets too is something like McDonalds, East Side Marios (where it is already loud) or a breakfast place. They do okay and they will get better but man, I do find that I am anxious the whole time we are out. I totally think you rock for taking BG to some place nice.

  2. Yes, you clearly need more restaurant dates.

    For what it's worth, I remember those days. I used to spend the whole meal about to pop a vein, but they seem far away now. It does happen! :)

  3. We just order to go and eat at home :) Most of the time. Sometimes we'll brave actual restaurant eating and just leave a big tip for the mess they'll have to clean up! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. But see, you have learned a valuable lesson. You've learned to let go and not let so much get to you. You've learned to relax and laugh at it. And that's HUGE.

  5. I think you learned a great lesson! That sometimes, it is good to just relax and enjoy our kids at the stage they are in, whether it is appropriate for the setting or not!

    Glad you had such a great lunch!

  6. So glad that you got to enjoy a great lunch. My LO does the same thing - throwing food or screaming - to signal that she's done.

    @jenrenpody on Twitter

  7. Oh this sounds like me and my kids whenever we go out to eat. Those boys are always throwing something or screaming at someone. I used to get worked up about it, wondering why they couldn't just sit quietly for a minute. But now? I take it in stride. They're little. It's what the do. And I know that in months or years from now I won't want to look back and remember getting upset over things like this.

  8. Good for you, mama :o) Restaurants make me nervous too!