Saturday, October 29, 2011

For Charity

So, do you know Charity? She guest posted here this week? She's having a rough time this week,and having a hard time seeing how far she's come this year. But she doesn't realize, I don't even know that girl she was a year ago. So here are 10 reasons I'm glad to know Charity, the girl she is now:

  1. She thinks my jokes are funny.
  2. She keeps me company when I'm tweeting myself crazy.
  3. She gives the best advice about babies, particularly about breastfeeding.
  4. She knows just the right words to comfort people.
  5. She is always looking out for someone who needs her.
  6. She can finish a 5k run.
  7. She makes giving up caffeine look easy.
  8. She gives me hope that I can conquer toddler and preschool years.
  9. She has such photogenic little girls.
  10. She is kicking ppd squarely in the rear.


  1. awww, thank you. You can totally do the toddler and preschool years!

  2. Oh, sweet post about your friend. :) I need to find someone who thinks my jokes are funny.

  3. What a wonderful dedication to your friend. Love it!

  4. I love people who thinks my jokes are funny - they're the best kind of friends!