Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 Ridiculous things I pin my worth on

  1. How many hours of TV we watched today.
  2. What kind of mood my 3 year old is in.
  3. How many vegetables my kids ate this week.
  4. How quickly the baby meets her milestones.
  5. The nap schedule the baby doesn't have at all.
  6. How many mentions I have on twitter when I check in.
  7. How many comments my blog posts get.
  8. Whether my laundry is done (Spoiler alert: It isn't.)
  9. How much money I saved at the grocery store.
  10. How many wise and cute and clever things I've said to people today.
How about you?

NaBloPoMo November 2013


  1. I've stopped worrying about what my son eats. He tried a carrot last night, but handed back to me. Of course, I pin my worth on the fact that he didn't throw it!

  2. My top three?
    1. How clean my house is.
    2. How homemade my dinners are.
    3. What my scale says.

  3. I try to avoid feeling worthy based on things that are our of my control--kids etc but that doesn't always happen. If e make it thru the day mostly unscathed then I am happy.

  4. Whoa, this post. A simple list that just gut checked me. I need to keep thinking about this. (Sorry I am a late commenter, just catching up on my feedly!)

  5. 1. Whether or not my three year old naps.
    2. How well my kindergartener is or is not doing
    3. How often I cook which is maybe once a week.
    4. How much likes and comments I get on Facebook or Twitter.
    5. The number on the scale.
    6. What kind of mood my girls are in.
    7. The food my girls eat - veggies, fruit, protein,
    8. What I perceive other parents and my daycare providers think of me as a mom.
    9. My income