Monday, February 27, 2012

More things I like about me

Six months ago, I got pressured by my sweetest bloggy friends into writing a post of Things I like about me for a link up with the lovely Ciao Mom. It was the hardest post I'd ever written.

That link up led to the creation of Elena's project Just Be Enough, a group blog that I love and admire very much. I've followed their posts and participated in their link ups. Then last week I got an email saying that they were bringing back Things I like about me.

Seriously? I have to do this again?!?

So, here we go.

  • I have a gift for listening. I really hear what people say.
  • I am very self aware. That's not always the easiest gift to carry, but it has made my life richer.
  • I'm a fast learner.
  • I am full of stories, and I see stories everywhee.
  • I know how to make people smile.
  • In the past year, I have been braver than I've been in my whole life.
  • I'm a good teacher. Even when I'm not teaching.
  • I'm a good mom. A really good mom.

Thanks Elena and the rest of the Just Be Enough Me team. Thanks for helping me learn how to be this person.


  1. You are all of these things. I appreciate how good of a listener you are and how much insight you have. You're very wise.

  2. So glad you took the time to do this! <3 You are a great Mom, and a GREAT friend!!

  3. I loved this list. You are a wonderful listener, and you know how to make people smile. Meeting you through #ppdchat has helped me more than you'll ever know.

  4. I could write a list about you that would go on and on. But I think you captured the essence of what makes you so amazing. You really are all of those things. And the thing about being braver makes me smile. BIG.

    So glad you joined in again.

  5. I think self-aware people are some of the best, most sensitive people out there!

  6. I like that you complied, even though I think it made you feel a bit oogey. I love you, lots.

  7. What a beautiful list! A good listener... that is an amazing gift and a quality I have continuously worked hard to improve. I love that you have also become empowering isn't it. Thank you for sharing- LV

  8. I think you are most definitely all those things on your list but the one that stands out the most for me is how brave you have been. I am so proud that you have recognized your bravery and you own it. You are a gift.