Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My open PR letter

Dear PR companies and potential sponsors,

This blog isn’t about the money. I like to think it is a safe place for me to unwind the tangle that is my thoughts, and I also like to think it is a safe place for other people to come and feel validated or reassured. My approximately 4.5 readers a day, 0% of whom arrive from search engines, seem to feel the same way. That’s why they love me. (And they do. They do love me.) This blog serves a purpose that is much bigger than money.

I do, however, also like money.

You know what else I like? Stuff. And I bet my 4.5 readers like stuff too.
So, here’s my proposal. If any of you would be interested in giving me money, or sending me stuff to share with my readers, I’m listening. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going to change anything I’m doing here. I’m going to continue to tell the truth, spread as much love and kindness as possible, and do as much good work as I can. You may then compensate me for doing so.

In summary: I keep doing what I want and helping people. You send money and stuff. 4.5 readers cheer.

Thank you for your consideration.


P.S. As you can see from this letter, I am a marketing genius. Just saying.


  1. You marketing genius, you :)

  2. Girl, you are hysterical! Can I borrow this to send out to PR companies for my blog, lol!!

  3. love, love, LOVE this!! I'm right there with you. 4.5 readers and all!!